Wage Garnishment

With this firm, you do not need to take on the IRS by yourself.  We will work with the IRS to negotiate the full or partial release of the wage garnishment if you qualify for relief.

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IRS Audits

Did You Receive an Audit Letter From the IRS? The first step is not to panic. The IRS uses letters to communicate with taxpayers about IRS audits.
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Reduce Your IRS Debt with an Offer-In-Compromise. Qualifying for an offer-in-compromise settlement can save you thousands of dollars in taxes, penalties and interest.
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Bank Levy

In order to stop or release a bank levy, it is important to act fast or it can be too late. Depending on your tax and financial status, there are many different approaches that can be taken to release your bank levy.
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Track Your Refund

Track Federal Refund Check Federal Amended Return Refund

Check your State Refund

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